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REXS Specification


The following document describes the modeling system for the individual machine elements and assembly groups in the REXS interface.

This section defines which components can be connected to each other, and which relations can be used. Basically: If all components of a possible relation are present in the model, the corresponding relation is mandatory. Example: If a gear_unit and gear_casing are present in the model, the assembly relation between these components must also be created.


For a better overview, only XML examples are used in the following. For details on the REXS JSON format, see JSON syntax

The numerical IDs of the relations and components used in the XML code are examples, not predetermined IDs.


Change from REXS version 1.4

Up to and including REXS 1.4, the REXS specification contained requirements for the consistency and completeness of REXS models. These are omitted from REXS 1.5, as the REXS specification itself should allow for a wide range of  modeling options and modeling depths without being overly restrictive. This flexible base specification can be supplemented by modeling guidelines which define additional boundary conditions for specific applications.