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REXS Specification

External loads

The external_load component is used to represent external loads (external torque and power or transverse forces). Any number of loads can be applied to a shaft. They are assigned to the shaft via an assembly relation.

Required components

XML syntax


<component id="7" type="shaft"> ... </component>


<component id="8" type="external_load"> ... </component>

Required relations

XML syntax


<relation id="3" type="assembly">
	<ref id="7" role="assembly" hint="shaft"/>
	<ref id="8" role="part" hint="external_load"/>

The "defines_torque" boolean attribute is used to indicate whether the torque of the external load is specified (e.g., available drive torque or specified output torque of a load). Similarly, a shaft can be identified as speed-determining with the "defines_speed" boolean attribute.

The "transmits_torque" boolean attribute was introduced to differentiate a component that represents an external transverse force from a (free) drive component that transmits an (unknown) torque. This must be set to true for all external loads that are relevant for the power flow.