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REXS Specification

Extensibility of the interface

The standard interface can be extended with mutually agreed data. This makes it possible to consider special requirements for exchanging data between two software environments. However, the standardized part of the model must comply with the requirements of the REXS specification. If the additional data is omitted, the remaining data should form a valid REXS interface file that describes a coherent model. Each application can then determine whether to use the additional information or only the standardized data.

Specifically, the interface file can be extended to include new attributes and component types. Software that supports the REXS standard should be able to ignore non-standardized extensions during import.

If bilaterally agreed extensions to the REXS standard are to be made, the following naming convention must be observed:

  • Attribute/component IDs must begin with "custom_“

  • Names (IDs) are assigned in English

  • Names are written in lowercase

  • A '_' is used to separate multiple words

  • The following characters are permitted: "a-z, 0-9, ‚_‘"

  • The following scheme is recommended: "custom_company_application_factor” or “custom_software_flag_xy”