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REXS Specification

REXS 1.2 to 1.3


  • Modeling of notches

  • Modeling of rolling bearing contacts

  • Modeling of flank-tool-manufacturing data relationships for all gears

  • Modeling of additional masses

  • Referencing of GDE and Klingelnberg neutral data files

  • Application language in the header of the REXS file


  • Interface structure

    • File and folder references

    • Naming convention for bilaterally agreed extensions

  • Modeling

    • Custom mesh-related gear data and gear flanks

    • Multiple casing components

    • FE reduction points without connection to the analytical model

    • Assignment of lubricants to bevel gear stages and worm gear stages

  • Attribute data base: Various adaptations and extensions. These are documented in the REXS database.