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REXS Specification

REXS 1.0 to 1.1


  • Modeling of internal gear stages

  • Modeling of planetary stages

  • Modeling of FE and CAD assembly groups

  • .rexsz zip archive

  • Extension of attribute lists for mechanical system calculations


  • Interface structure

    • .rexs file extension for XML file

    • Naming convention for calculation attribute s

    • Handling of missing attributes

  • Product model

    • Incomplete relations are not permitted

    • "order" in relations begins at 1 and increases in 1 step increments

    • Extension/specification of permissible component types for various relations

  • Modeling

    • Clarification of the "inner_part" and "outer_part" roles for bearings and couplings

    • All bearing rows and rolling elements of a rolling bearing must be explicitly modeled

    • Option to assign a lubricant to stages

  • Coordinate system

    • Definition of the origin for bevel gear and side plate components

  • Attribute database

    • Various adaptations and clarification. These are documented in the REXS data base.